Drowned In Tears

My heart weighs heavy on my soul,

For both are drowned in tears

The endless struggle in myself, 

Made worse throughout these years


I walk along this path to Hell,

While Deaths upon His throne

Beneath a sky as black as night,

This stranger goes alone


I hear the wails of those who\'ve lost,

And again....will never be

As waves of crimson pound the shore,

Then crash back to the sea


Frozen in the place I stand,

My voice a silent scream

I fear this time I may not wake,

To end this tortured dream


As nightmares rage all hope is lost,

My mind can\'t take the pain

So I battle with these Evil thoughts,

But never speak their name


For just to voice such Evil words,

Could never be survived

And would bring the gates of Hell itself,

Upon a persons life


Though I run and run to escape the hold,

Of Death and all my fears

My heart weighs heavy on my soul, 

For both have drowned in tears