The Dyslexic Poet

My ribs are a cage, a cage for my heart.

My ribs are a cage,
A cage for my heart.
That\'s wild and beating,
But not very smart.
See my heart yearns
To be noticed,
To be noticed by you.
For its in love with
The things,
All the things that you do.
But my brain sends a message,
That\'s different to me.
Saying how could he love you,
No don\'t let him see.
You see love is a weakness,
He\'s a vulnerability in me.
So shut it down,
build up the wall,
Never let him make you fall.
And when your heart leaks out,
And there\'s a hole in your chest,
Just look down in loneliness,
You didn\'t give it your best.
What if you told him?
What if he felt the same?
You could lye wrapped in wonder, Get lost in his frame.
You could tell him you love him,
That he\'s the only one that counts,
And hope he\'s the fixture of founts.