K.T Williams

Where were you?

I wanted to know you...

when I was younger

when you were the man on top of the world.


I wanted you to hold me

at night when I was scared of the darkness that tainted my dreams.


I wanted you to love me and be proud

but I never seemed to measure up to the expectations.


I needed you.

I needed you to tell me that everything was going to be okay

to wrap me up in your arms as I cried at night.


I needed you. I wanted you. I wanted to know you.

I wanted to make you proud.


But all I saw was disappointment when I looked into your eyes.

I saw the love from a father that I would never know.


You were never really there, really, actually there.

And now I\'m all grown up.

And I no longer yearn for the love I never received.