Veil of Sorrows

I pass beyond the veil of sorrow 

to knock on heaven\'s door

And see you waiting there for me 

across the distant shore


The waves retreat to crash again 

upon the darkened sand

I scream your name without a sound 

but just don\'t understand


I\'m watching tears stream down your face 

and wish this nightmare through

I lived my life and also death 

Just to give it all to you


As thoughts run rampant in my mind 

and lights regress to dark

The pain I feel goes far beyond 

the depths within my heart


It reaches down into my soul 

and burns eternal flames

I whisper now forever more 

the mysteries of your name


Shall Death relieve my inner pain 

to torture me no more

As I pass beyond the veil of sorrow 

and knock on heaven\'s door