K.T Williams

Anger and Despair

When I am angered I no longer use my words

I no longer lash out and hurt those that I love.

I have seen the pain that I caused them and it saddens me.

I never realized how powerful words are

They are as deadly as a gun.

They can also be as radiant as a rose

It is how you use them that really matters.

Sometimes one does not even need to use words to express themselves

Silence speaks volumes

Sometimes it is the silence that can bring a strong man to his knees.

I no longer use my words when I am angered.

Likewise, I don’t use words when I am despair.

I am someone who thrives in solitude.

I also am one who can tear themselves down in solitude.

My mind and thoughts are more powerful than I ever imagined.

When I am angered I write.

Write down everything that I am feeling.

Everything that comes to my mind.

By doing this I am no longer hurting anyone

Except myself

I let those angered thoughts overpower me.

Or I store them inside and save them for another day.

When I am in despair I create art

I draw or paint

I draw a visual representation of what is going on inside my head

Or how I feel.

It is the only way I know how to cope.

I have never liked telling others of my problems.

I always felt like a burden to them

Yet I open my arms wide to them

And give them an ear when they need to talk

Humans. We are funny that way.

We are either destructive to those around us or ourselves.

At least I have found this to be true to myself