I\'m Still In Love With You

When you told me you no longer loved me 

I slowly went out of my mind

I\'ve been promised that all wounds will heal 

if just given a little time


But whoever said that\'s mistaken 

and nothing is further from true

Cause it\'s been awhile since you walked out 

and girl I\'m still in love with you


I thought that we had something special 

had a bond that nobody could break

I guess I was just being foolish 

and that wasn\'t my only mistake


But you broke my heart when you walked out 

baby you broke it right in two

So I\'ll try to pick up the pieces 

from still being in love with you


Sometimes my heart starts to hurting 

and I\'m wanting to cry out your name

But I know if I were to give in 

I\'d just be causing myself more pain


So I fight back all my emotions 

but sometimes it\'s just so hard to do

No matter what my mind tries to tells me 

girl I\'m still in love with you


...........I wrote this in 2001...and borrowed the music of Best of Intentions by Travis Tritt for the flow be gentle lol