They say I\'m selfless


I feel so damn helpless 

Struggling to swim in a sea with countless 

Ever so vast, expanding, boundless 

Terror and fear, my screams are soundless 

Dreaming of days when blue sky\'s are cloudless 


Rain pours on, I have no prowess

I trudge alone, my pain is bowelless 

The sky turns black, I stand there shroudless

My beaten soul, shakes and cowers 

I smile and take it, bleeding and fightless 

My eyes are blind, I\'m wandering sightless 

The abuse is normal, I\'m weak and prideless 

It is never ending, constant, tideless 


The sun will shine the day I\'m lifeless 

I\'m stuck living, an eternal crisis 

My brain is full, breached and dreamless 

Every threat made, superior and seamless 


My lungs are punctured, heaving and breathless

The time is now, I\'m ready to end this