Black American Dad Story

Blessed me when she said she wrapping up in that playtex

Because we forgot to use latex

How can you forget to have safe se...

Cause it\'s not the same as no stress

No stress cause it\'ll feel good

But how good is real good

9 months later when she bringing you to court cause you baby daddy

I bet you regret giving her wood

Maybe then you\'d think twice

Now it\'s her decision to make or take a life

You off the bat would take it

But then again you don\'t want to pay the price

You also don\'t have a seed in you

But realize it\'s your seed that made who

Next time you decide to go all out just know you\'ll add to a statistic

What\'s worth more to you

Your daddy wasn\'t there

Now you boutta do the same thing

But she\'s trying hard not to compare

Cause she\'s staying optimistic with the good love could bring

But you stay pessimistic

And you ain\'t no different

Time to stop seeing color

Cause even with it you colored blind

Even a blind man could see through it