Key to Success

I have this friend of mine.

Who loves to continually whine.

Comes to work each day,

Nothing but B.S. to say,

That was up until one time.


She did a half-ass job.

Lost track of stuff in a log.

Basic facts about clients,

No rocket ship science,

Then misplaced office keys on a fob.


These keys were no ordinary things.

Cause the fob was a gold-plated ring.

The Boss’s prize possession,

She needed a confession,

How’d she lose track of his bling.


From her face tears began to pour,

She sobbed more and more and more.

He didn’t want to hear it,

And, called her a nit wit,

A prostitute and a dumb whore.


Taken to the hospital on a gurney,

She then got a hold of an attorney.

She took the Boss to court,

Large settlement from her tort,

Sent the Boss away on a long journey.


So, today take a look at her face,

Fine clothes, well-mannered with grace.

The tables are now turned,

I was shocked when I learned,

WTF! She now owns this workplace!


So, I guess the key to her success,

Nothing to do with how she dressed.

Even though a lazy slob,

In her hand, the key fob,

Money and property, she now is blessed.