K.T Williams

Strength and Weakness

I feel like I am in a room with a double sided mirror

I can see everyone moving on and living their lives

But here I am watching from the outside

I feel like I am watching my life go on without me

I see every memory that\'s being made, every love, every

heart ache.

I see their happiness their pain

I empathize with them

but still...

I feel like I am at a stand still

I make no progress

I am shut off from everyone around me

I endure my life alone

every bump, curve, and dead end.

I have become so reliant on myself that I don\'t know how

to let others in, how to let them help

I don\'t like to burden them with my troubles because my

troubles are small in comparison

Yet without their help I\'m drowning on my own

I am my own worst enemy

At times I am glad to have endured it alone but other

times I wish I did not have to

The path I have traveled has made me strong.

It has brought me to my knees

crying and screaming for help

and kicked the breathe out of my lungs as I tried

standing back up 

And I have been the one to stand victorious at every


Knowing I alone conquered it

I am stronger than I could have ever imagined

But I can also be weak