K.T Williams

The One Dearest To My Heart

She has always been strong.
Always taking care of her family and putting their needs before her own. Making sure everyone\'s tummies are full.
Her home echoes with laughter of her great grandchildren.
I know it\'s apart of life
I have dread many a year when this time would come
When her body could no longer keep up with her youthful spirit
When her bones would be brittle and her skin bruise with the easiest touch
I see her burning out slowly, like a fire.
I am not ready for her to leave me yet
I could not bare the weight of her loss
I need her
She makes my soul happy and my heart full


But when the time does come for her to leave
I will remember her in her youth
Full of fire and fight
I will remember all the laughs and tears
I will cry tears of sorrow
But I will also rejoice
For she will not be restrained by a weak body
She will be full of life and be free from pain
But as selfish as it is I will wish she was here with me.