When Dreams Come True

When Dreams Come True

What happens when dreams come true
What happens when your happiness takes flight
Does your inner light go on
Does your heart light up the night

What happens when the impossible comes true
What happens when it all falls in place
Does your soul float in the clouds
Does your psyche achieve grace

What happens when your true love shows up
What happens when your heart burst with joy
Does your mind cloud over
Does it make you feel like a little boy

What happens when everything you wanted manifests itself
What happens when the world turns for you
Does life speed up or slow down
Does it all feel like deja vu

Yes, yes, yes
All of these things and even more
Because finally, the heavens opened
And my angel appeared at my door

So what happens when dreams come true
What happen to your laughter
You just have to hold on tight
And live happily ever after