Feeling Down

So when you feel like you\'re down in the dump, just know that it is nothing more than a little bump. Just a little stump, that with time and patience will get you over that lump, and all you must do is take a giant jump. There will always be times that bring you to your low, but it is through those times that build you to glow. Just when you feel as if all is bringing you down, sit back and think of all the good and accept your crown. Every person has good within, but you must dig through your thoughts and heart thick and thin. To see and feel your every choice, and some will make you dry and some will make you moist. It is up to you how to take action, you can always multiply divide or turn your choice into a fraction. It is up to you which way you choose, do you make your own path or do you follow in someone else\'s shoes? Always remember to do what is in your heart, whether it be dancing football music or baseball you will know it from the start. So choose to make wise choices, and it will all end up great when your life moistens.