The Magic We Could Make

I crave everything about you.

From the soft touch of your lips to the rough texture of your fingers dancing on my skin.


Oh, the magic we could make.


Your blue eyes are always intimidating and callous.

But I love when they explore my naked body.


Yes, I feel self-conscious but your attention is worth much more than my comfort.


Oh, the magic we could make.


And your smile seems to light up even the darkest days.

Making me forget about all my problems.

Making me feel whole again.


Oh, the magic we could make.


Your lips are my biggest weakness as I imagine them wreaking havoc on my body.

I want them everywhere on my skin,

leaving behind deep red shadows.

Marking me as yours.


I want them hungry for the sweet, musky taste of me,

lapping up my juices in an almost desperate manner.

Bringing so much pleasure...

I want them begging me for mercy and taking control all at the same time.


How I love them so,

they’re the finishing touch on the masterpiece that is you.


Oh, the magic we could make.


Your hands drive me crazy

as I imagine them gripping me and never letting me go.


My soft flesh molding into the rough pads of your palm,

turning into liquid lava under you.


Massaging me in places only lovers should know about.


Oh, the magic we could make.


But you don’t see me the way I see you,

you don’t feel drunk when you’re with me even though I can get intoxicated just by looking at you.

I wish I was the girl of your dreams, but I know that’s something I’ll never be,

but still, I love you so deeply.


Oh, the magic we COULD make.