A Child is Born

Every second a child is born, the love and happiness could never be torn. Once you\'ve gotten through the pain, it is from that point on that it will always be a gain, and the love you will give will fall down like rain. The power of that special time, is something so beautiful and precious that will always shine. It will break you into tears, and you\'ll look back wondering \"why all the fears.\" For a moment so breathtaking and full of joy, it will be at that time that you\'ll have so much love to deploy. When you see that little head, it will always make you say \"I cannot be dead.\" From the first touch, it will be something you\'ve never loved so much. Even though the sleep lost over the cry, they will always be the apple of your eye, and they will push you to always try. They are something that will fill your life with eternal bliss, and the whole day you\'re at work they will be something you\'ll miss. So give them compassion and love, and make them feel and know that you will always be their glove.