Try again


Soft glances as I walk by, you follow my gaze as I catch your eye. My heart lurches and my stomach aches.. I give you one chance that you willingly take. Will this be another mistake ?
You smile and flirt but the second I walk up you quiet your voice, you don\'t dare look up. You know the crimes that you have spun and all the work that\'s been undone.. we worked so hard to be where we were at, I finally speak but my words are flat.. you seem uninterested as I joke and smile I haven\'t done this for a while.. you come around when we\'re finally alone.. will you be like this when we go home ? Will you see the sadness in my eyes as I hold back the urge flee and cry? I loved you with every thing I had.. even when you made me mad.. should I even try ? Is this a fleeting moment that should be left to die? I crave the smile that you once showed me.. soft and warm, sweet and homely. One more chance I\'m deciding to go through.. there\'s nothing left for me to do. One more chance to try again. This time I\'ll know if you\'ll be the man.. The man I loved once before I\'ll know it deep inside my core.

Let\'s try again.