Memories Of Someone You Loved

It\'s that moment when something reminds you of someone you miss and loved. Your heart breaks and your stomach drops just at the thought of how it started and ended. You thought you were over him, but you were wrong. You want him right now, you want things to go back to how they were. In your mind, you know the truth is that he is never going to cross your path again. He is gone, he abandoned you long ago. Even if he came around, you know you wouldn\'t be able to allow yourself to let him back in. You know what would happen, and heartache is something you never want to have again. Your trust may have been diminished, but the love you had for him is still all there. Everything around you.. the things people say and do, songs, places, smells are something that can\'t be escaped. It brings memories back that seem like it was yesterday, it feels like it was yesterday. You can\'t handle another crack in your heart so you cry. You can\'t have him so you cry. You can\'t turn back time so you cry. This is now so you cry