Money has become this worlds honey. You cannot do anything without having money, it is almost like it is what decides if it\'s sunny. It has no real value except what they claim it has, it is paper produced in mass. It used to be backed by gold, and even if you look at gold it has been a leading factor in turning this world cold. Everyday people are killed and slain, and it is all for financial gain. To be filled with greed, and to be heartless to those in need, people act like it\'s what determines if you succeed. Money needs to be erased, and it needs to be something not chased. All everyone wants is the dough, and they believe that it\'ll make their life flow, also that they need it to grow, and then they will glow. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it will always make you stumble. It can help for certain things, but most of the time it stings. You can\'t get enough to live like you want, so you\'re forever trying to catch it like a punt. All it does is make people feel shame, all everyone wants is to have all the fame. It puts people on different stages, and it is all determined by peoples wages. It is the root of all evil is what they say, but you can pick and choose as you may. So open your eyes, and hopefully one day we can tell money our goodbye\'s.