Meaning of Love


Love with meaning,
Does this truly exist,
For I have woke and found pain undesirable to say the least,
Pain where you feel nothing yet the emptiness feels like the accumulation of everything you doubted becoming reality,
When that person is only a reach away but feels like the furthest point within the universe, no mathematical term could suggest even an indication of the existence, being lost in a room that barely fits you within it. Can love really be true, can you taste it on your tongue? Does it smell sweet when you close your eyes? Or does it stop you being alone, when you are! Love has no meaning, has no indication, has no leverage, has no lifetime; for love is merely you and your mind and the fear is simply; if you truly understand it, for if it is understood it could destroy everything it comes in contact with! For love isn\'t merely a meaning, it\'s meaningless and meaningful within the same instances.