Why are we here?

If we can just disappear?

Losing you from my finger tips

I\'m just tired of this shit

It\'s like learning to read all over again

Or hearing sounds for the first time in my head

As the voices won\'t go away

They want to stay and play

Everyday I cry myself to sleep

Trying to hide from the world under my sheets

Nothing here makes sense

So breathe in those salty scents 

As the waves wash away your pain

Let the chemicals soak in your veins 

Become one of them

Don\'t float, but sink in

You don\'t have to believe in anything

As long as you\'re with me

Hold me tight and close

Cause this is when I need you the most

Fuck me till I\'m emotionless 

With the way you speak and caress 

Let me think

Let me sink

So I don\'t have to be here

And can finally disappear.