Freestyle #1

It seems like you\'re purposely aiming at me

Sucking my life until I cannot breath

You must love constantly torturing me

Words that you speak always scorching me, you\'ve got it out for me

No one looks out for me

I\'m on my own you see

I don\'t care what you say

I cannot live for free

Like there\'s a toll to pay

For me it\'s pain

I\'m should get stronger

But I feel no gain

My head stays stuck in the rain

Now I\'m in a puddle

My life is a struggle

It\'s been a few years

But I\'m still have trouble


I wish you\'d come back

Cause I miss all the pain

Your stuck in my mind 

And it drives me insane

My life is a mess

Man I wish it would change

I pray for it every night

Then wake up the same