Letting go

She kneels to the floor, with her heart sewn to her sleeve and lets out the tears that she’s kept hidden underneath. She can’t believe she’s doing it, she’s finally let go, as she feels them leave her eyes she knows she’s got nothing left to show. Her mask started to crack until the foundation wasn’t concealed, she put down her sword and armour and finally her shield. The relief that’s surfing through her body comes as quite a shock, true emotion shining like this isn’t something to mock. She aggressively wipes her cheeks, pulling at her skin, causing her face to blush as her head begins to spin. She’s never shown emotion, always kept it in. Rejected from society, laughed at from the beginning, she still can’t believe it’s happening, her head still wildly spinning. She grasps at her own neck, as if she’s about to choke, now her one true fear is confirmed, every one\'s laughing, she’s the joke.

She’s always been a punchline, a punching bag to some, they claim it’s just harmless fun but it’s not only just begun. Her life has been a tease, an endless living nightmare and even though she’s finally cracked it still doesn’t seem too fair. She’s looking at her patterned arms, just scar upon scar, even if they were just joking, they’ve clearly gone too far. Accepted is a feeling she’s never had the privilege of feeling, and now she’s hit rock bottom she can’t stop the tears from reeling. 

She slyly looks around, to see who is in sight, and repeatedly says “ please not them” as her mind fills up with fright.