Old Audu

Many years ago in Timbuktu
Old Audu had so many wives he didn\'t know what to do
As he grew older
His strength failed him at night
If you know what I mean
He huffed and puffed
He laboured and toiled in vain
He called a meeting of his trusted men
\"I\'m not the man I used to be\"
Cold like the rock by the river bed
In bed I can\'t move until I\'m moved
I\'ve become a sign post
Like the one in the village square
His friends worried and offered counsel
\"Let\'s go see the old witch that lives in a shoe\"
She\'s so powerful
She stopped the rain in June
\"Take those shoes off\"
The bent back witch screamed
\"It\'s a sacred place\" in her crooked voice
Old Audu staggered and shattered
\"Old witch\"
Make me the man I used to be
I\'m a man who has lost his arsenal
out of the title race when it matters most.