Born Country

The Sound of water running through th creek

Cows on the hillside grazing

Warm breeze through the treetops

Wild animals in the woods


I was born country

These things run through my blood

Like a mighty river

That can not be stopped


Fixing fence

Hauling hay

Cutting wood

Fishing in the pond


I was born country

It is forever a part of who I am


Family dinners

Catching Fireflies

Sitting out at night

Watching the starlight


I was born country

The spirit of nature

Is one with my soul

For it truly is

God\'s creation


Hay rides


Fresh fruits and vegitables

From the garden


I was born country

Nothing like a job well done

Being with friends

Getting along


Dogs in the yard

Mom\'s cooking

Cat\'s in the barn

Kids playing in the yard


I was born country

It is who I am

The values passed down

Can not be taught

Only can be learned

Off the land


Gathering Walnuts

Camping out at night

Tire swings


I was born country

I always will be