Stephanie Showers

The Day You Were Born


Copyright ©2009 Stephanie R Schubert


Without you my heart would not beat

Without you I could not walk - I would have no feet

Without you I would fail without a doubt

Because of you I know what life is about

The day you were born was when I saw the light

That is the day I knew everything would be alright

The day you were born I saw it all

The day you were born I was ten feet tall

The day you were born I found the strength to live

The day you were born I learned how to give

Everyday before you were here is just a blur

Because you being born gave me strength for sure

Giving me clarity on how I wanted to be

Giving me clarity on how to change me

You made me know I wasn\'t one of many

You gave me hope when there is wasn\'t any

You gave me a glimpse of fate

Showing me that it\'s never to late

You truly taught me what life is about

You showed me true love without a doubt

I am your mom and proud to say

I am here to show you the way

Even though I\'m not always right

I will teach you how to stand up and fight

I will teach you how to stay strong

Teach you how to admit you are wrong

Everything that you don\'t yet know

How to hold on instead of let go

As long as you walk this earth

I am proud to you I gave birth

My baby, my child, my little boy

You gave me my heart and the meaning of joy

I know you are soon to become a man

You will find success because you know you can

All I know now and all I cay say

You being born was my proudest day

I am blessed cause God gave me you

And that being a good mom was all I could do

And even if sometimes I get it all wrong

I look at your face and know to be strong

Protecting you from adversity

Trying to clear away uncertainty

Paving the path you were meant to walk

Making sure I am always here to talk

About anything that might be on your mind

Cause I am your mom and my love is blind

Everything you do I think is clever

Cause the day you were born was my best day ever