She’s unsure of a decision

She’s upset about her life.
She’s confused on what to say
She’s angry at his wife.

She is looking up and down for an answer
She’s searching for a clue.
She is buried with frustration
She doesn’t know what to do.

Depression has her

She is giving up now
She’s ready not to care.
She slides into the tub
And tries to stop the air.

She isn’t breathing now
Her heart rate is low.
She sees the door open
She is ready to go.

Depression has her

She wakes up in a strange place
She doesn’t know it here.
It’s so beautiful and white
This is all so unclear.

When she died she went way up to heaven
She didn’t know it well.
She was so confused on why she was there
She expected nothing but hell.

Depression has her

She was met by God
He asked about her life,
Then told her to go back
This was not his plan on the end of her life.

She went back home and to her surprise
Her friends were there waiting upon her return.
She was missed and had no clue
Her friends were there for her and that is how she had to learn.

There was always someone there
They loved her so.
They would have missed her dearly
If it was her time to go.

Depression had her