Dear Black Woman

Dear Black Woman,

         You are As Stong as the An African Elephant Yet were are supple and elegant.
We are persuasive talkers so our words are very Eloquent.
Crafted From man\'s rib and An earthly element is How God made the first Wombman in the old testiment.
During the worlds development
We somehow begun to be irrelevant
Forgetting that we were designed as a help mate who is heaven sent.

We shed Bloods for days sometimes a month without dying.
Raising our children to Be Ladies and gentlemen whom are edifying.
In our wombs a human life we are able carry.
We are informational like a human dictionary.
We store resoureful pieces of data like a library.

We are created with brown sugar, warm honey, cocoa and Gold.
Out spirits are Radiently Bold.
Our bodies are temples that can\'t be bought or sold.
We have a Story that must be hear and told.
We are the beautiful flowers in the month of May That Springs up and blooms in middle of noons day.
We flourish just as the fluorescent blue jay, Whose mood is Joyful and gay.
Our Skin absorbs the sun\'s Incandescent Ray.
Some may say, Our hair is nappy but Actually, Our hair just happens to defy gravity
So we wear it upon our head proudly like a Crown
because Living in socitey\'s prospective of what you should look like will weigh you down.
You will stay stuck on being lost when you already have been found.
Be about your fathers business and know you are Heaven bound.

We are to run life\'s race with meaning and purpose in our pace
Even our walk is embedded with grace
Nature\'s beauty smiles upon our face
As We Wear God\'s love like a Pure Gold necklace that\'s trimmed with lace.

The Strength we\'ve gain
Turned us into warriors from living the through the most Excruciating pain
Thats the Reason we humbly pray as we sing and dance in the middle of the storm\'s rain.
As Our humility will continue to remain.

We are women of Virtue
I wrote this to encourage you
Never let no one break, hurt or discourage you know who you belong to, And who deserves a Woman of your statue.
For Being black Is Exhilarating
And being a woman is Breathtaking but Being a Black Woman is an Honorary Identity that is Legendary.