Hopeless wait

She said I can\'t be bothered anymore
I\'ve loved and was not loved
I\'ve given and I\'ve not received
Love is such a loosing game
She said\"I\'ll keep to myself\"
I\'ll join the choir and sing to the lord
The noise and sounds I make in bedroom
Will not take me to heaven
Paul was great while it lasted
But his friends said I talked too much
Then her friend gave her Saul\'s number
\"Better call Saul\" she said
So She did
She called him and he sounded lovely
They booked a table for two
Sail was such a charmer
Until she found out he had 5 baby mamas
His explanation ?
\"Be fruitful and multiple \"
She said I can\'t be bothered anymore
I\'ve given and not received
Just as she was about to give up
A mail came from Aaron
Aaron left when she was eight
\"I\'ll be in your town\"
In the 8th month around 8
Let\'s meet for a few drinks
Please don\'t be late
Her heart raced
Maybe it\'s not too late to find love
Maybe Aaron would make the wait count
Maybe Aaron..maybe Aaron is the one
So she set out
Not without the makeup
The layers;combed hair
The creamed and shaved legs
Last thing she wanted
Was to appear before Aaron
Looking like Esau..plenty of hair
Aaron hadn\'t changed much
That lovely smile and beautiful eyes
A warm embrace and hug
They had a seat next to each other
Prosecco after prosecco
They laughed and joked
\"So Aaron are you seeing anyone now?\"
After a long pause
Aaron\'s tears rolled down
\"My wife left me in May\"
She caught me with the maid.