Burning Embers

Pictures, burnt, alight in flame
Fills my heart with grief and pain
A beautiful house, is now no more
Than burning rubble, crashing to the floor.

The memories gone, in a cloud of smoke
Like the faint reminders of a funny joke
All through the time nobody spoke
As if the fire would strike again.

The joy and laughter gone in a blink
Like water down the kitchen sink
And it was enough to make me think
How things could have been different.

Imagine if we’d been sound asleep
Not a sound we heard, no not a peep
Oblivious to the smoke alarms beep
We could have been gone forever.

So I guess I’m thankful that on that night
My sister had woken with such a fright
As she told us her nightmare in the dim lamp’s light
We’d all stayed awake together.

That’s when we heard that dreadful sound
It seemed to echo all around
In that moment we’d lost all that we\'d found
As the smoke alarms call grew louder.

The corridor clouded thick in smoke
Breathe too deep and then you’d choke
Crawl across the ground, forget the coat
As the fire grew around us.

We’d reached outside; safe at last
Looking back at our home of past
Things can change so very fast
But hardly for the better.

As I gazed around at the flame filled air
My eye was caught on something there
Instantly filling me with despair
The family album, now burning embers.