E N C O U R A G E M E N T ~ An Acrostic

E  NCOURAGE  everyone you meet 

N  EGATIVE  thoughts trample neath your feet !

C  HILDREN  esecially praise their deeds

O  PEN  their minds and help them plant seeds

U  NKIND words can easily hurt

R  ESPONSE  should be cool and never curt    

A  HELPING  hand and a ready smile

G  IVING  love makes life worthwhile !

E  NCOURAGE  the weary encourage the sad

M  EN  &  LADIES ~ make them all glad

E  NCOURAGE Good Poets (there\'s none of them BAD !)                                     

N  ICE  comments on POEMS like a hand in a glove 

T  ELL  our Members you LIKE them and their poems you LOVE


Thanks for reading ~ comment welcome ~ Encouragement to all BRIAN


Please sncourage all our new POETS ~ TODAY !