Salute the sweet tooth?

Nutritionist, diabetes or
All to be unheeded in my
sweet tooth\'s opinion.

For how can I abandon
That chocolate canyon?

And same goes for yummy
chocolate fudge
Or to a trifle could I bear
any grudge?

Ah treacle or caramel pudding
And apple crumble needs no

The craving wishes to devour
the dessert
Few would desert a tasty jam

Not forgetting swiss rolls and
cup cakes
and whatever other
sweetmeats the baker bakes.

From smoothies so delicious
To whipped cream mousse
All so creamy and scrumptious
Maybe not highly nutritious

Ah custards, ice-creams,
muffins and jellies
the only deterrent perhaps, the
fear of rounded bellies

Only if the dietician would
recommend instead
to cut down on leafy grassy
veggie salad

For if there was for it a polling
I\'d vote in favour of my sweet

My sweet toot vouches for the toothsome desserts always
The sweet rich goodies and confections , treats for holidays