Loving The Presence

By Arcassin Burnham

Having goods times,
Would be just fine,
Like a hint lime , in some water,
It was helpful, how you shower me..
With conversations,
On the phone like , what you up to?
But I was certainly , noticing all of your energy..
When days Darken , and you need help,
And you don\'t trust , all your friends now,
All you got is you...
That\'s the way I see it, like a red moon , on a summers day,
And when he calls , you better answer,
For the demons find you...
I\'m loving the presence , in this room tonight,
If anything, I\'d be destined,
To happily call you when you need me..
Sometimes my heart, can\'t take it,
With the ignorance , of all these different people,
Even my family...