Saying Goodbye

Everyone knew it was coming, there was no stopping it.

The hopelessness in his eyes, the fake smile he puts on.

We knew what was going to happen, but not how it was going to end.

No one denied it, not me, not his mother, not even him.

But everyone knew it would be sooner or later.

Whether it was by his own hand or the big C.

He once told me \"You know, it\'s all up to me.\"

I\'m sure those words tasted like crow on his lips.

Those words, they took my mind for a whirlwind.

When he walked away from me that night my mind continued to spin.

My mind was reeling, trying to wrap itself around how he\'s feeling.

Was I the only one who knew? The only one he told?

There was only one thing I could bring myself to say

\"Promise me that you\'ll see the light of another day?\"

He never answered, and ended up just walking away.