Future me

I see my future self,It tells me not to go further, tells me to stop doing what im doing.

My future self tell me im going to mess with my life, \"i say stop viewing, i know what im doing\".

Then i think what if i do something that will change me forever, i do care but i didn\'t want to tell my future self that i was, i just wanted to be clever.

I hear my future self calling me, telling me to listen, i tell myself i am listening, but what do i need to do, what happens to me in future,why, how and what.

I begin to scratch my eyeballs out,metaphorically speaking. now i start seeking.

I shout at my self in the mirror tell my self to go away.

wanting to know what happens because wanting to stay.

I hear my future self whispering telling me what to do,

i obey and follow what she asked me to do as i began to screw....

I need to know? i really do.


I hear myself calling, i see a flash,... as i began to open my eyes wider my future me starts to slash.

oh dear me, please dont fear the future me, im nothing like that.. i spat...

I begin to write a story,just in case anything goes wrong.

to tell everyone what happens and about my life.

as my future me starts to seek, i see a shadow thats starts getting weak.

I say to my self, go away, go away. i dont want to hear me...

                      it must be a dream.....