Happy Ending

A smile forms at the edge of my face

As random thoughts of you tiptoe through my head.


Your silly little laugh

As you acknowledge my poor attempts at humor


Your quiet breathing

As you sleep peacefully next to me.


The natural beauty held within your soul

And the tenderness that emanates through your eyes,

As I gaze intently into them.


Pleasing memories of your soft skin,

Fragrant scent and elegant form

Send waves of heat throughout my body.


Suddenly I feel a rumbling within the depths of my being.   


Emotions spew from my inner core

Like magma from the mouth of an erupting volcano,

Molten hot with fiery intention


Boiling blood courses through my veins like a lava flow,

Searing my heart and heating my lungs,

Turning my breath into a pyroclastic flow of lust and desire


The soft tiptoed footsteps within my mind

Transform into thunderous stomps

As deliberate memories of our unbridled passion

Run rampant throughout my head.


Tremors of elation and excitement rock my body

Like the aftershocks from a violent earthquake

As pleasure sweeps across my body like a tidal wave,

And turns my smiling face into a mirrored image

Of satisfaction and pleasure


I am left breathless, shaken.


As the thoughts of you slowly fade from my head

My smile remains


Because even though on the days you are away from me,

I am blessed to know that just the very thought of you

Leads to a happy ending