Doll in Wonderland

Nice Guys Don\'t Finish Last

It\'s the nice guys 

Who crush me the most

With tender hands and pretty lies

The ones who seem to know where the pieces go

And aren\'t afraid of my heart 

Made of glass shards

And held together with razor wire and quick wit

The ones who snuggle

And hold hands

Who creep in slowly

Talking for hours

And asking about my hopes and dreams 

Who seem to want to know me, intimately

Nice guys don\'t finish last

They just take their time

Wearing down carefully constructed walls

Always there with a hug and a smile

Willing to kiss away the tears

But when they let me down, 

And they always let me down

It\'s a harder hurt

To excavate 

Like having to dig with fingernails

From under concrete

I will never let you know

How much you hurt me

I will never 

Let you see me cry.