I know your going through a lot

And you might want to cry

You might want to give up

You might want to say goodbye


Babygirl don’t you cry

Please don’t say goodbye

I’m right next to you

I’m not gonna leave


Babygirl I know it’s hard

To go on living

But you can’t give up

When you’ve come this far


Babygirl look around

You have people who love you

You have people who care

You have people who will always be there


Babygirl lift up your head

You tiara is falling

You are a princess

With a beautiful heart


Babygirl look me in the eyes

Don’t tell me you don’t see

All the love I have

For you inside of me


Babygirl don’t you see

When your feeling this way

It’s slowly killing me


Babygirl put on a smile

Raise up your head

Push past the haters


Babygirl stand up tall

Show the world who you really are

Keep your head held high

Don’t let the world tear you down


Babygirl what happened

To make you feel this way

Who hurt you this bad

To make you feel like you don’t belong


Babygirl you can’t let them win

You gotta push forward

You gotta be strong

You gotta hold on


Babygirl your needed here

We don’t want you gone

We still want you around

We all love you dearly


Babygirl wipe away those tears

Everything will be okay

You’ll see my dear


Babygirl forget up those boys

They don’t deserve your tears

There not worth your time

Push them to the back of your mind


Babygirl we can do this together

We can win this fight

As long as we have each other

Through all these battles


Babygirl there’s one more thing

I gotta say

I love you

That’ll never change