MY TREE IN THE WINTER ~ is stark and forlorn

Bare trunk and bare branches ~ her leaves have all gone

Freezing and breezing and covered in snow

Rejected ~ dejected and so full of woe !


MY TREE IN THE SPRING ~ a much happier creature

Bright green her leaves and blossom her feature

Song birds are nesting and singing all day 

In the roots and the branches ~ there are squirrels at play !


MY TREE IN THE SUMMER ~ majestic her sight

Her leaves photosynthetic ~ and they switch off at night

Shade to sit under ~ fruit and nuts to enjoy 

My Tree in the Summer ~ I climbed as a Boy !


MY TREE IN THE AUTUMN ~ She acts very strange

From just GREEN to a RAINBOW her leaves start to change

Red ~ Orange ~ Yellow ~ Green ~ Blue and Violet

And then they turn Brown and fall down to Earth ~ silent !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love to all BRIAN  XOX