Move On.

It\'s shitty how this thing works

You fall in love, it\'s a slow delicate process

You get to know everything about this person

You memorize their scars, the feel of their skin

Their laugh, their likes and dislikes

You fall in love with the whole person

Then one day it\'s over.

Just like that

It happens so fast and it\'s sad

It\'s terribly depressing that it\'s done

The work of art that you created with your love, that relationship, it\'s finished.

He moves on and you\'re stuck crying and asking yourself what you did wrong

What did YOU do to ruin the relationship?

Why is he OKAY?

Why did you open up and tell him every secret, give him your whole self, and for what?

For it to end.

To delete the pictures, to erase the memories from your mind, to rip him away from your heart.

To move on

Move On.

And you will suffer, and you will feel broken for a long time

But you are strong, and so beautiful

You have so much to offer this world and someday, a real man

A real man will fall into your life and make the heartbreaks worth it

And you will move on