I will always be me

I will always be

By Sharon Maria Moemise

You tore my soul to tiny pieces
You trampled on my dignity
My belief in love is shattered
but you can\'t mess with my identity,
cos I will always be me.

Broken promises, betrayal of trust
Flimsy excuses replaced what we had
I try to remember what you look or felt like
despite everything and the memories so sad,
I will always be me.

My heart bleeds for a love that didn\'t last
I wrestle with ideas to place you in my past
My brain still reels with thoughts of the many times
That my dear heart paid for all your stupid crimes
But I will still be me.

You may crush my body with your soullessness
And even slice my pride with your sugar coated knife
Allowing yourself to think you own my existence
But by Jove, you will never, ever, lay claim to my life
Because I\'ll always be me