Babes in arms

Babes in Arms.
By Sharon Maria Moemise


If you were just a little child
In a world resembling the wild
where your parents are the beasts
huge fangs awaiting, you as their feast

If you were that sleepy little one
Awoken by the sound of a blazing gun
Waking to violent prods and painful poking
Not your mommy\'s loving, gentle stroking

If you were just that little babe
What would be your best escape
when home has become your torture cell
and the rest of humanity gone straight to hell?

If you were that sweet little thing
Whose existence, happiness should bring
Would you be sturdy against forces of evil
when, instead, you are served up as soup for the devil?

If you were that little child
Whose lifeless little body found in the wild
Ravaged by the same humans, who pretend to mourn
Would you even have wanted to be born?