#166- Just Kids

I\'m the girl you\'d miss seeing around,

But then feel guilty that you always put me down.

It\'s not my fault that you felt the way you did,

Because, at the time, we were pretty much just kids.

You felt like you couldn\'t trust me,

And that\'s exactly how he (Jewel) wanted it to be...

My question is,

\"Why would you let him tear us apart,

When what we had was love from the very start?\"

I know you felt it too,

So why\'d you have to leave so soon?

Now I have no clue how you feel,

And you\'re wondering why it\'s such a big deal...

But it\'s because I still love you!

So what else am I supposed to do!?

Is this just how it\'s going to be,

Or will you finally admit you\'re still in love with me?