A Story in The Winter... Part 1

Roses are withered;

Violets are dead.

As of now, I have shivered,

And my heart feels like lead.


A familiar rhyme

to start this reverie

of a cold winter\'s night

and a shadow in the trees...


One day I was walking

in the fast falling snow,

and my toes were all frozen

no farther could I go.


I collapsed on the ground,

and the snow cushioned my fall.

A tree creaked in the wind

and my heart fervently beat.


A shadow in the forest

moved like a man,

yet the movements were graceful,

and my eyes began to dance.


The sparkle of snow

on a bright winters night

helped me pick out his features

when he walked into the light.


Pale snowy skin,

and eyes made of gold.

He held out his hand,

and I followed.


My heart felt like ice;

foreboding followed me,

and who can say why I listened

to the snowy mirage I could see...


To be Continued...

:) :)