Nothing Good About Goodbye

He told me today that it\'s too far gone, been too much.

\"I can\'t handle it,\" he says \"it\'s all too hard.\" He pleads.

\"I\'m sorry\" he starts as tears fill my eyes.

I look away, I can\'t look at him knowing I won\'t be able to again.

Eyes are the window to the soul, everyone knows that. But what comes next,

If those windows are blocked by rain drops of emotion?

Flooded by tears? And people say that words don\'t hurt.

His eyes, along with his soul were dark. Maybe that explains it?

The way he\'s thinking, his mindset, the helplessness in his once bright eyes.

\"Sometimes goodbye is a second chance.\" He starts to walk away.

\"But there\'s nothing good about goodbye\" I shout after him.

He walks away in a Judd Nelson-esque way,

Pumping his fist in the air screaming \"Don\'t You forget About Me\"

I turn and whisper \"never\", walking away, it soon turns to running.

But everyone is right, you can\'t run from your problems, not forever.