Willy Beeman

The Doctor

My entire life I believed there would never ever be another me.
Then I met her, we talked, time to set her free.

It\'s started as texts, then calls, then spending time.
Her discipline plus beauty makes it easy to fill these lines.

Brunch, dinner, elite eight basketball games.
Black Orchid, designer panties and hundreds of flames.

Crawfish, caipirinhas it all led to our first kiss.
You had not told me yet but I knew you were his.

No matter, I saw it...you were feeling me too.
After tasting your kiss you expressed your one rule.

Maybe it was dumb and maybe it was brave.
Together we rode that crashing emotional wave.

Now I can\'t even find the perfect brush to paint what\'s on my mind.
Racing against myself and I\'m a couple steps behind.

So Congratulations, though it sucks we can\'t be what we were...
I\'m glad you have a husband that treats you like you deserve.