The Beast


my brother

took delight in teasing her,

tormenting her,

every minute,

I did not spend with him,

was spent with her

the beast,

was her brother

I must deliver him safely,

for I owe his family

I was desperate,

from the truth I just learned

this fire that’s burning

makes the search stronger than before

we must distract him

for he is THE beast

this rain has stropped

it will make it easier

to search,

to find what I’m looking for

there are few people in this world

who I care about

was I given the chance,

to right these wrongs?

does it matter,

if I get him there safely?

it is not as simply,

as it seems


it is vital that I do so

for the kingdom,

lies in his hands

I run outside

it is time to return,

return to the beast

for he warned me

that he could not be killed

for you would die trying

I stare him the eyes



for he is alive

with very few injuries

he had a plan,

for me he says

I was frustrated,

by his kindness

for you would think,

he would have already killed me

his sister though,

is already dead

for her death was quick

his eyes burn with determination

as he holds the knife in his hands

he whispers hoarsely,

“I will not go back there alive.”

I dream,

of death,

of killing,

the beast will kill me

I will die

and I won’t feel no pain

for I am already dead

yet I do not know

the beast killed me

and all I see,

is his eyes light up,

as he smiles down at me