#46- She Deserves Better

Long blonde hair,

Big green eyes,

Tall, skinny body.

She might just sound ordinary,

But, to me, she\'s much more.

She\'s my inspiration,

My teacher for my mistakes.

2 wonderful, beautiful, precious little girls,

Have the greatest mom ever,

And they don\'t even know it.

I love her so much that it hurts...

I don\'t ever want to lose her.

Then there\'s him...

Who treats her like shit,

Who thinks being nice for 2 minutes,

Will make up for all of it.

She doesn\'t deserve that!

He thinks he\'s the boss of her,

But she is much stronger.

Maybe not physically,

But definitely mentally.

She\'s strong,

Because she\'s lasted this long,

But, honestly, I understand why...

Those girls need their dad,

But they don\'t know that he\'s bad.

Yeah... Family sticks together,

But, God, she deserves so much better...