New Year\'s wish

New Year\'s wish
By Sharon Maria Moemise

Fireworks lighting up the clear cloudless skies
Music to dance to and mix in the New year cries
Children\'s laughter, adults\' banter in the luminous dark
All that\'s missing is the family dog\'s loud, yet cheerful bark.

Hour upon the hour the year makes a noisy exit
Minutes become seconds as a new dawn commits
to the wishes of many and the promises that shine
As we bade farewell to \'ere with Auld Lang Syne

Happy be the name that christens every New Year
As we allow Hope to vanquish the crosses we bear
and depend on resolutions to map out our lives
Though, as we run with the times, only the fittest survives

Happy New Year to all who believe in what the future holds
Auld Lang Syne to those who have memories new and old
May the new dawn set upon you in a manner so majestic
And let your celebrations reach all that transcends fantastic!!