Trust isnt everything,love isnt enough!

When I Take time to call you, I think about what to say to you,

I think about all the good things and all the bad things, not to say something that I don\'t mean.

I try to think of cute things to say, and spray all the bad things what people would say.- If you know what I mean.

I miss the \'kiss\' and hate the \'diss\'. when you don\'t answer I start to throw my fist because im so f-ing pist.

But when i hear you and you don\'t say a peep, i try hear harder but then i start to think your cheap and i thought i could have you to keep.

But- I-was-wrong.

like I always am,thought you loved me and was my friend and my fam!.

You took advantage you was my only true friend, but you slag me off and turn everything on me, cant you tell your a he, because there all the same, -What- a - shame!-

The end.