I have many memories

of me and you

they use to be good

but now there just bad


we use to be close,

then we drifted apart

and now I just,

don\'t know anymore


I mean,

we did everything together,

and then you just,

started to change completely


you became a stranger

someone I don\'t recognize

who I don\'t know

and probably don\'t want to



I don\'t even know

who you are

and I start to wonder,

what all happened anyways?


I always look back,

at the old you

the one that I,

you know, actually knew


and now, all I have left

are all these memories

and nothing else,

nothing else remains


I know,

that you long gone

and that\'s something

I\'ll just have to live with


I\'ll still have,

all our memories

there not something

I\'d easily forget


they may sometimes,

bring me to tears

I mean they have

for a couple of years


I sometimes wish

things could be different

but now that thought,

its just fucking useless


so it\'s finally time,

to just let everything go

and just forget you,

like you never, even, existed



are all that\'s left

and now its good

that your in my past